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winter paradise FW23


briefs & boxer briefs

Two iconic underwear references, crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

The boxer or the brief: colorful and irresistibly sexy, with unparalleled comfort, made from exceptional cotton and a touch of elastane to ensure longevity.


sweatshirts & T-Shirts

meus redefines casual wear.

Using jersey as its exclusive canvas and combining it with unique colors, it gives rise to silhouettes that strike a perfect balance between everyday elegance and comfort.


pants & shorts

Two already iconic pieces, the meus denim and the four-pocket shorts.


why meus ?

Benoît & Sébastien wanted to convey the freedom of bodily movement and chose the verb "se mouvoir" (to move) to express it.

By conjugating it, "meus" was born. In Portuguese, "meus" means "mine," a perfect symbol to express this intimate and personal connection. To feel free in one's clothing, to feel free in one's movements.

Pronounced as "meh-ooss."

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