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the concept >

The meus silhouette is made up of sweatshirts and tone-on-tone underwear. It evolves according to desires and observations and always keeps an optimistic note translated by the colour.

meus' own codes: exclusive colours and the tone-on-tone embroidery "m" as a stamp. 


The duo has an iron will to make their wardrobe a must-have, composed of essential pieces that we want to wear again and again, throughout the seasons. 


From the research of the materials to the production, meus has at heart to develop with a careful eye on its environmental impact. 
This is done by using ecological dyes, by producing less, by customising its classics to tell a new story. 
meus, a brand that is human in its approach, accessible in its commercial offer, and attentive to its customers in order to create a lasting relationship.


the name >

The duo wanted to express the freedom of the body and therefore naturally chose the verb "to move" to express it. By conjugating it meus was born.

In Latin, meus means mine, a perfect symbol to express this intimate and personal relationship.
To feel free in one's clothes, to feel free in one's movements.
To be pronounced me-u-sse.

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